Field Work Tracking

Managing field officers and ensuring the best possible customer service is a big step to grow your business. Get constant updates of your field work agents or track your field marketing employees to achieve enhanced field work reporting and coordination. Keeping a track of the employees for proper service can be a complicated task. Nevon GPS ensures the location of the employee and keeping a track on the employees all the time. Nevon GPS install requires less than 3 minutes, just install our android application on mobile phones of your field agents/ employees and track them from your office. Also get panic/ emergency messages with their location details if they are in trouble.

At times field officers due to lethargic reasons don’t visit a few clients, at such events this app provides the real time as well as historical reports of the location the employee is been too. This allows you to get past as location data of each agent and check where the agent was on a past date time. This app can send message over the network, which allows the employee to notify his status if has come on the field or late or not coming. This helps the other team members and the manager in the office to tackle any possible change occurring due to one employee’s absence for the day. It also helps to track multiple employees at the same time.

Field Work Executive GPS Tracking For Marketing Agency

NevonGPS allows you to track your field work agents out on marketing tasks in real time. Also view past field work location history of your field workers tor verification. Enhance your marketing business by tracking your marketing strategies online using NevonGPS. Track your marketing field work agents over the internet and track your marketing campaigns as they happen in real time for better results. NevonGPS also allows for group tracking of multiple file work executives on a single screen for better strategizing and verification. With live tracking, past history tracking, one push communications as well as distress signal alerts enhance your marketing agency with NevonGPS.

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